PORTLAND, OR - Rodda Paint Co., Portland, OR, announced the introduction of the "Ultimate" line of premium exterior paint that the company says incorporates a silicone technology new to the U.S. architectural-coatings market. The company calls the product's lifetime guarantee "the best in the business."

Rodda said the paint's silicone technology has been used extensively in Europe for 30 years, and has been reformulated to meet the demands of U.S. weather and exterior-siding conditions.

Todd Braden, Rodda's vice president of Marketing, said the product introduction follows two years of research and testing aimed at addressing exterior-paint performance issues such as blistering, bubbling and cracking, fading, dirt pickup, and coverage.

The company said the product's acrylic-silicone formulation produces a paint that bonds "exceptionally well to all surfaces" and allows moisture under the applied paint to pass through the paint layer, preventing blisters or bubbles when applied properly. The paint also repels water and dirt and provides resistance to UV degradation, the company said.

To increase UV resistance, durability and color saturation, Rodda said the product incorporates ceramic pigmentation. High solids content is reported to provide improved coverage.