Troy Corp., Florham Park, N.J., has increased global prices for certain Polyphase® products effective December 10, 2005, and as contracts allow. Prices will be increased according to the following schedule:

  • Polyphase P100 -- $1.78/lb
  • Polyphase AF1 -- $0.78/lb
  • Polyphase AF3 -- $0.75/lb
  • Polyphase P20T -- $0.53/lb
Chemtura Corp., Middlebury, Conn., is increasing prices for the following metallic stearates, effective November 15, 2005, or as contracts permit:
  • Basic calcium and zinc stearates will be increased by $0.04/lb.
  • CaSt Kosher/Food Grade/NF grade, ZnSt Kosher/USP, as well as all other metallic stearates will be increased by $0.15/lb.
Dow, Midland, Mich., increased selling prices for vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) in Latin America by US$130 per metric ton; in Asia Pacific by US$130 per metric ton; in Europe by EUR 110 per metric ton; in the Middle East/Africa by US$130 per metric ton; and in the United States and Canada by $0.06 per pound, or as otherwise allowed by individual contract terms, effective December 1, 2005.

Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings, Philadelphia, increased prices for its Ready to Ship (RTS) products in North America by 6-10% (depending on product chemistry), effective December 1, 2005, or as contracts allowed.

Rohm and Haas implemented list and off-list price increases for vinyl-acetate-based emulsions sold to the architectural coatings, industrial coatings, construction and building products, graphic arts, and the textile and non-woven industries in North America. An increase of $0.05 per wet pound for vinyl-acetate-based products took effect December 1, 2005, or as contracts allowed.

Rohm and Haas Company, Philadelphia, has announced a list and off-list price increase for all binders sold into the traffic marking industry in North America. The increase of $0.08 per wet pound will take effect January 1, 2006, or as contracts allow.

Effective January 1, 2006, Troy Corp., Florham Park, N.J., will implement a price increase of up to 10 percent, or as contracts allow, worldwide for all Troysol and Troysperse surfactants and dispersants, Troykyd defoamers and Troythix rheology modifiers.

Effective December 15, 2005, or as contracts allowed, BASF, Charlotte, N.C., increased prices by 8 to 10 percent in the United States, Canada and Latin America for all coating additives supplied to the paper industry. BASF product brands affected include Sterocoll® and Latekoll® thickeners; Calsan® lubricants; Curesan® insolubilizers; FoamBrake®, Etingal® and Desan™ defoamers; and Polysalt™ dispersants.

Huber Engineered Materials, part of J.M. Huber Corporation, Atlanta, announced a North America energy surcharge across its entire “industrial specialties” kaolin clay portfolio. The energy surcharges are effective December 15, 2005, and are $26.00/ton for calcined clay and $8.00/ton for hydrous clay.

Air Products, Lehigh Valley, Pa., announced that, effective December 15, 2005, it will implement a price increase for all Airthane and Versathane brands of polyurethane prepolymers in North America.

The price adjustment varies on prepolymer type. For polyether backbone prepolymers, a $0.16 per pound increase will be implemented. These are Air Products’ Airthane PET, PHP, PPT and APC; API series prepolymers; and Versathane 1090, 1160 and 2070 prepolymers. For polyester backbone prepolymers, an adjustment of $0.12 per pound will be implemented. This includes Air Products’ Airthane PST series prepolymers, and Versathane A and D series prepolymers.

Air Products Polymers, L.P., Lehigh Valley, Pa., also announced that, effective November 15, 2005, it implemented in the United States and Canada a four-cent ($0.04) per wet pound price increase for vinyl acetate homopolymer and copolymer emulsions, all ethylene, vinyl chloride-based emulsions, and acrylic-based copolymer emulsions. These products are marketed under the Airflex, Flexbond and Vinac trademarks.

Effective December 1, 2005, the Cytec Surface Specialties businesses, Atlanta, implemented a line-item fuel surcharge of $0.03 per Kg. on every shipment for which Cytec is responsible for freight.

The surcharge will apply to radiation-curable resins, liquid coating resins and powder coating resins.

The surcharge will be adjusted monthly in accordance with the National Energy Information Administration’s “Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices” standards .

Customers who are responsible for their own freight will not be affected by the surcharge.

Degussa’s Goldschmidt Chemical Corp., Hopewell, Va., announced that its Industrial Specialties business line would implement an energy surcharge on products where energy is a substantial cost factor in the manufacturing process. The surcharge applies to list and off-list prices for shipments made in North America beginning December 15, 2005.

The amount of the surcharge will be adjusted on a monthly basis based on fluctuations of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) settlement price for natural gas.

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, Cincinnati, a leading producer of organic pigments and preparations, is increasing prices on select aqueous dispersions, including, but not limited to, products containing molybdenum-complexed pigments, phthalocyanine blue crude, carbon black and polyethylene. This price increase affects pigment preparations sold into the North American market and takes effect with shipments beginning December 15, 2005.

Wacker Chemical Corp., Adrian, Mich., will raise its prices for WACKER SILICONES products. Price increases will range from 5 percent to 10 percent for all products. The price adjustment varies between 5 and 10 percent and affects all silicone products. These products include fluids, heat-cured and liquid rubber, emulsions, resins, formulated products, and HDK® pyrogenic silica.

Degussa AG, Dusseldorf, Germany, has announced an average price increase of 8.7 percent for all DYNASYLAN® and DYNASIL® grades and an average price increase of 9.5 percent for all silicon tetrachloride and trichlorosilane grades. The specific price adjustment will depend on the product grade and the regional market. The price increase became effective December 1, 2005. Contracts currently in force are exempt from this price increase.

Cytec, Atlanta, is increasing prices and satellite warehousing charges for product families of coating additives, liquid coating resins and solvents. Effective December 16, 2005, prices will increase as follows in the Americas:

  • $0.05 per pound for DUROFTAL polyester resins, DUROXYN epoxyester emulsions, MACRYNAL acrylic resins and dispersions, RESYDROL alkyd emulsions, VIACRYL acrylic resins and emulsions, and VIALKYD solvent-borne and 100-percent-solids alkyd resins.
  • $0.12 per pound for PHENODUR phenolic resins.
  • $0.25 per pound for RESAMIN carbamic resins.
  • $0.10 per pound for BECKOPOX epoxy resins/dispersions/hardeners, and DAOTAN polyurethane dispersions.
  • $0.07 per pound for SANTOSOL HAPs-free solvents.
  • 10 percent in most cases for ADDITOL additives, and MODAFLOW additives.

Also, an incremental increase of $0.03 per pound will take effect to cover increases in freight and energy costs associated with satellite warehousing.

Effective January 1, 2006, or as allowed by contract, BASF, Florham Park, N.J., will increase its off-list selling prices in the United States, Canada and Mexico by $0.05 per pound for its Ethylene Carbonate and Propylene Carbonate, and by eight percent for its Propargyl Alcohol, Vinyl Ethers and Specialty Pyrrolidones.

Effective January 1, 2006, or as allowed by contract, BASF will also increase its list and off-list selling prices in the United States, Canada and Mexico by $0.05 per pound for its Caprolactone Monomer (CLO) and all grades of its NEOL brand Neopentylglycol. BASF will also increase prices for all grades of its 2-Pyrrolidone by eight percent.

In addition, BASF Corporation will continue to enforce previously announced sales control measures that limit monthly shipments to the customers’ average purchase volumes in the previous 12 months unless otherwise provided by contract.