BRUSSELS, Belgium - Irfab Chemical Consultants has arrived at some striking conclusions in its North American study of powder coatings. Some of the results of the study are:
  • As one of the mature powder coatings markets, North America has struggled in recent years to maintain its momentum. Faced with a stagnant market since 2000, North American powder coatings producers face many challenges to maintain growth and profitability in the period up to 2015.

  • In 2004, the Powder Coatings market in North America (United States and Canada) was around 440M lb or 200,000 tons, and valued at more than US $1 billion.

  • Within the broader NAFTA region, Mexico is rapidly growing in importance for the powder coatings industry.

  • There are about 60 suppliers of thermoset powder coatings in the United States and Canada, including all but one of the main global players.

  • Polyester-epoxy hybrids and polyester-triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC) powders are the two main types used in the North American market, together representing nearly 60% of the market, followed by polyurethanes, epoxies and acrylics.

  • Average prices across the board vary considerably, from highs of approximately US $12.00/kg down to US $3.60/kg, and remain amongst the highest market prices for powder coatings worldwide.

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