Dunn-Edwards has joined Paint America.

BROOMALL, PA — Dunn-Edwards Corp., based in Los Angeles, has joined Paint America, an alliance of major regional coatings manufacturers launched last year. Dunn-Edwards joins existing members M.A.B. Paints, Broomall, PA; Diamond Vogel Paints, Orange City, IA; and Kelly-Moore Paint Co., San Carlos, CA.

The group said Dunn-Edwards completes its national service and distribution network in the United States — M.A.B. in the East, Diamond Vogel in the Midwest, and Kelly-Moore and Dunn-Edwards in the West. The group’s combined resources include 16 manufacturing facilities and 525 stores, with products that include architectural and industrial coatings.

The companies say the alliance offers nationwide sales and service; regionally preferred paint formulas; national-account pricing; field and laboratory technical support; and other benefits for customers.

“The Paint America national alliance brings the best of both worlds to national customers,” said Joseph P. Cristiano, president and CEO of Kelly-Moore. He said customers “with geographically diverse coatings needs” can obtain local products “while taking advantage of the convenience and cost effectiveness of centralized billing, ordering, payment and reporting.”

The alliance is managed by a small team of executives from each of the participating companies, which last year developed, tested and refined the group’s programs, services, and systems. Customers are serviced by teams led by a national account manager and supported by field technicians and customer-service personnel based in regional Paint America headquarters.