Morton Powder Coatings, Reading, PA, has introduced a new web-based powder-material cost calculator, a software program designed to assist powder users in purchasing decisions. The calculator is an updated, easier-to-use version of an original software program distributed to select Morton customers in 1998, the company said. The site directs users to input information about the powder-coating product being used, including price per pound, system efficiency, specific gravity and film thickness. It evaluates the information against a comparable product and calculates the price efficiency, the company said. The system also can determine ways the user can be more cost efficient through an algebraic solving capability, which calculates the ideal price, film thickness, system efficiency, or specific gravity needed to realize a pre-defined dollar savings amount. Morton Powder Coatings, a unit of Rohm and Haas Co., said it is the largest producer of powder coatings in North America and the third-largest producer of powder coatings worldwide.