When asked about the best reason to use Reynolds Industries' industrial mixing equipment, Ed Apsega, vice president and general manager for APV (Akron Paint & Varnish) Engineered Coatings, Inc., doesn't hesitate. "The Reynolds' staff is always accessible. We were able to talk one-on-one with the engineer designing our mixers - not a salesman and not a clerk. And years after our product purchases, the staff is still accessible for our customer service and routine maintenance needs, even sending an employee on-site if necessary."

APV has been in business since 1878 and develops and manufactures coatings for a wide variety of industries. Some APV coating applications include racetrack surface coatings; a coating for boat covers; swimming pool paint; automotive coatings; and production of inks, adhesives and cements for various industrial applications. With a growing demand for industrial coatings, APV requires its equipment suppliers to be responsive, efficient and technically advanced.

Strolling through a trade show about 10 years ago, APV President Dave Venarge was on his way to discuss purchasing industrial mixers from another company when he happened to see Reynolds Industries' booth. He stopped to chat - liked the company's product designs and attitude, specifically that Reynolds' medium size meant he received individualized attention - and chose Reynolds' mixers instead. Over the years, APV has purchased four Reynolds' mixers and uses them primarily to blend caulks and sealants for its customers.

Two of the most important features of the Dual Shaft mixer purchased by APV, according to Apsega, are the helical blade and the hydraulic drive. Since APV's engineered coatings are 75 percent or more solids, a helical-shaped blade that can move forward, reverse, up and down is a competitive differentiator that is necessary for APV's mixing needs. "Reynolds' helical blade is the finest in the industry," says Apsega. "And the hydraulically driven machine blends heavy materials better, with the ability to cold start. All of these benefits mean we can produce products quicker for our customers."

Apsega says he is able to mix coatings on Reynolds' mixers 12- to 15-percent faster across the board versus comparable dual-shaft mixers without a helical blade. Out of the 12 large dual-shaft mixers running in APV's two facilities, Apsega says only the Reynolds' mixers run every day due to reliability and speed.

For more information, contact Reynolds Industries at 803/548.4301, or visit www.reynoldsmixers.com.