MOSCOW - Responding to demand from international suppliers and investors, LKM-Press Publishing House has completed a study of the Russian paint industry and the market for coating materials. The report is based mainly on data available in 2006 and 2007 from the Federal Department of Statistics and several industry and market research centers, such as Centrlak Paint Association (Yaroslavl), NPF Spektr and Him-Courier.

The study offers updated insight into the paint industry and market of the Russian Federation. It was carried out during March through July 2007, using desk research and interviews with market experts and top industry executives. The study covers the following topics: paint production; paint imports and exports; information on leading producers; paint demand and market splits by paint type/end use; market development and trends in end-user industries; and market forecasts for 2007 through 2010 and beyond.

Domestically producing roughly 800 kt and exporting 78 kt of various paints annually, the Russian Federation is a consumer of 950-1000 kt of coating materials. In order to balance the market, the country imports some 240 kt of decorative and industrial coatings, as well as a variety of specialty raw materials and semi-finished products (resins, emulsions, pigments, additives etc.), technological machinery, equipment and quality control instruments.

The report is available for purchase from LKM-Press, Moscow. For more information, e-mail Olga Skorokhodova at