Chennai, India - Atlas Weathering Services Group, a division of Atlas Material Testing Technology, has opened a new Worldwide Exposure Network site in the southeast region of India. Located near Chennai, the new site is the first official outdoor exposure site in India and is characterized by a tropical climate with high levels of sunlight, humidity and temperature. This site will provide valuable test data for many industries, including automotive exterior and interior, architectural and building products, consumer durable goods and lightfastness of textiles.

Initially, the site will contain 25 static racks, available at a variety of exposure angles from 5 º to 90 º (all South facing), that simulate end-use conditions. The site complies with ISO, ASTM and manufacturer-specific test requirements. In addition to standard exposures, customer-specific installations including entire vehicles and test houses can be tested. A modern weather station will record the total solar irradiance, UV radiation, ambient temperature and relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction. This will ensure that these important parameters are measured in exactly the same way as the other Atlas outdoor sites in Florida, Arizona, Sanary-sur-Mer, and Hoek van Holland.