SACRAMENTO, CA - The California Air Resources Board staff conducted a survey of architectural coatings companies in 2005, gathering data about products sold in California during 2004. The study surveyed coating manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers, gathering sales information for 52 coating categories.

The survey reports that in 2004 about 110 million gallons of architectural coatings were sold in California. Of that, 88 percent came from waterborne products and 12 percent from solventborne products. The VOC emissions from these products were 34,600 tons per year with an annual average of almost 95 tons per day. Of those emissions, waterborne products accounted for 48 percent and solventborne products produced 52 percent.
Besides sales and emissions data, the survey also includes summaries of VOC-content data, charts of sales plotted against VOC content, complete volume percent and weight percent data for coating components, substrate and resin data for materials designed for specific substrates, and a historical comparison of sales and emissions data using results from past surveys.

A final report of the survey data is available at