MIDLAND, MI – The Dow Chemical Co. (Dow) has announced that the SCG-Dow Group, a joint venture between Dow and The Siam Cement Group (SCG), has broken ground on a propylene oxide (PO) facility in Thailand. The plant, located within the Asia Industrial Estates (AIE) site near Map Ta Phut, will have a nameplate capacity of 390 kilotons per annum (KTA) of PO via the innovative hydrogen-peroxide-to-propylene-oxide (HPPO) technology jointly developed by Dow and BASF. The PO plant, which will also include propylene glycol (PG) manufacturing, is expected to come online in 2011.
In July 2007, Dow and Solvay S.A. (Solvay) announced the formation of a joint venture to build a new hydrogen peroxide (HP) plant, which will serve as a raw material source for the new PO plant. Located within the AIE site, the new HP plant will be the largest in the world with a nameplate capacity of more than 330 KTA of HP at 100-percent concentration. The HP will be produced using Solvay’s proprietary, high-yield HP technology and supply both the PO plant and Solvay’s regional subsidiary, Peroxythai Ltd., which will use the additional product to meet growing customer demand. Operations for the HP plant are scheduled to begin prior to the start up of the PO plant.
In 2003, Dow and BASF began a joint process research program to develop and commercialize HPPO technology, enabling the two companies to combine their innovation capabilities and commercialize the technology more efficiently. The jointly developed HPPO technology, which was supported by a partnership with Solvay for the development of a specially adapted HP quality, will be utilized at the AIE site with BASF supporting the PO plant as a technology partner. In addition, Dow and BASF continue to work together on regional product exchange agreements and other supply agreements to meet their customers’ demand for PO globally. Dow and BASF expect final authorization on these agreements soon.
Feedstock for the PO plant will come from the SCG-Dow joint venture liquids cracker at Map Ta Phut, scheduled for completion in 2010. Several facilities within the AIE site, including the new PO plant, are also expected to be operated through joint-venture agreements between Dow and SCG.