CHICAGO - The Atlas Technical Conference on Accelerated Ageing and Evaluation will be held Sept. 15-16, 2008, in Oxford, UK. The presentations for the conference have been announced. Heinz Friedrich Stahl (Audi, Germany) will present his paper, “Day Cycle of Solar Thermal Load on Interior Materials and the Transfer of Data into a Solar Simulation Plant at Audi.” Erwin Thiel (University Siegen and ERT-Optik, Germany) will present “TTFTR: The Future in Early Diagnostics of Weathering Damages.” Kelly Hardcastle (Atlas, USA) will present “Considerations for Characterizing Moisture Effects in Coatings Weathering Studies.” Kurt Scott (Atlas, USA) will present “The Actual Developments in Automotive Standardization in the U.S.” Mark Nichols (Ford, USA) will present “Accelerated Weathering of Automotive Coatings: Exposure Conditions and Analysis Methods.” Peter Schüller (Wörwag, Germany) will present “Experience and Correlation of Accelerated and Outdoor Weathering Tests on Painted and Molded-in-Colored Plastic Parts.” Matthias Zäh (Clariant) will present “Correlation of Weathering Results – the Possible and the Impossible.” Peter Schwarzer (Volkswagen, Germany) will present “Weathering Simulation for Changing Demands and Material Developments.” Artur Schönlein (Atlas, Germany) will present “Relevant Surface Temperatures for Weathering Tests – Challenges and New Technologies.” Burkhard Severon (Atlas, Germany) will present “‘As Good as it Gets?’ - More Room for Improvement on Application and Design of Solar Simulation Systems.” Alan Harrison (Ford, UK) will present “Seat Fabric Testing for New Ford Mondeo.” Volker Wachtendorf (BAM, Germany) will present “The Influence of Humidity and Moisture on Weathering Results.” Thomas Raabe (BASF Coatings, Germany) will present “BASF Acid Etch Test – a Simulation of Jacksonville Exposure Conditions.”