Thanks to sponsors Chemquest, Alchemy, Evonik and Covestro, four of this year’s conference events will be broadcast live (BL) to coatings professionals not able to attend CTT. The BL sessions include the 8:15 am Tuesday morning Keynote Address, “Leading in the Lab” (sponsored by Chemquest), the 8:15 am Wednesday session titled “Turning Digital to Dollars in the Coatings Industry” (sponsored by Alchemy), the 9:25 am Wednesday session titled “Improving Corrosion Resistance, Alkaline Resistance and Weatherability of Waterborne Coatings with Organofunctional Bipodal Silanes” (sponsored by Evonik), and the Panel Discussion on Wednesday at 1:45 pm (sponsored by Covestro).

            If you or your colleagues can not attend this year, register at the link below to watch these presentations (for free) virtually:;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=F9622165-5E65-48A2-8038-843F319B2272&AffiliateData=website. These presentations will also be archived at for one year.