Dr. Crystal Morrison, Founder & CEO of EverRise and Director at ChemQuest, will be delivering the CTT Keynote Address this morning. Dr. Morrison is a highly regarded scientist and leader who is passionate about developing people and organizations to their highest potential. She believes strongly that innovation is an act of leadership not just creativity. With extensive experience across industry, academia and national labs, Dr. Morrison knows what it takes to build and lead successful teams that create lasting value and bring products from concept to reality.

In her presentation, Leading in the Lab, she will discuss how innovation is an act of leadership, not just an act of creativity. Innovation is critical for growth in the industry, however, it must be genuinely cultivated, not turned on an off because it’s the current buzz word. Leadership behaviors across the organization are a significant factor in creating a truly innovative culture. You don't require the word “manager”, “director” or “supervisor” in your title to demonstrate leadership behaviors and promote innovation. In this presentation, you'll learn the difference between controlling, traditional leadership and empowering, high-performance leadership. Attendees will receive four specific actions to use to foster empowering leadership and innovation in their organizations.

If you aren't attending CTT, you can watch the Keynote Address either live or for up to one year on PCI's website. Just visit https://onlinexperiences.com/scripts/Server.nxp?LASCmd=AI:4;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=F9622165-5E65-48A2-8038-843F319B2272&AffiliateData=website to register.