Since its inception, the mission of Italy-based ICA Group has been to offer coating products of the highest quality for the decoration and protection of all types of wood, without compromising the environment. It is against this backdrop that the company – a leading name in the manufacture and marketing of special coatings for wood – presents SUPERFEEL and SUPERCARE, two innovative bicomponent water-based coatings for interior furnishings that deliver an excellent finish both in chemical/physical terms and in aesthetic terms. By making the most of the expertise in its R&D laboratories, ICA Group has succeeded in producing two of the most technologically advanced, highest-quality solutions currently available in the market in the sector of low-environmental impact coatings.

The new bicomponent water-based coatings are the product of years of in-depth study, laboratory research, product testing and technical application – activities carried out by the company in an endeavor to unite technological innovation with exceptionally high performance. SUPERFEEL and SUPERCARE guarantee unrivaled results thanks to their special chemical/physical properties, which allow them to achieve a higher level of quality than most other coating products currently on the market. The SUPERFEEL topcoat provides outstanding smoothness, making surfaces more pleasing to the touch, whereas SUPERCARE offers excellent scratch resistance, which is particularly important given that it is a water-based product.

SUPERFEEL is a white pigmented bicomponent polyurethane water-based matt topcoat, developed for application to interior furnishings. Available in three gloss levels, its advanced chemical/physical properties are matched by its impressive aesthetic qualities. Specifically, SUPERFEEL delivers excellent fullness and exceptional smoothness to the touch. Once it has been 10% catalyzed with CA501 and diluted with water, SUPERFEEL can be sprayed on using pneumatic or airmix guns in quantities of between 120 and 150 g/m2, for up to a maximum of two coats. SUPERFEEL is, moreover, a very versatile product, since it constitutes the ideal base for creating all of the colors available through the ‘ICA Color’ tintometric system, conceived by the Italian company to offer its clients an extensive range of pigmented products that have been specifically designed for coating wood as simply and rapidly as possible.

SUPERCARE is a transparent bicomponent polyurethane water-based coating, available in a number of gloss levels. The main characteristics of this coating include its non-yellowing and non-scratch properties, which make it the ideal solution for furniture and internal furnishings. The high level of scratch resistance delivered by this product makes it particularly suitable for the coating of those parts of pieces of furniture that are most subject to wear (such as the surfaces of tables, desks and worktops). SUPERCARE should be 10% catalyzed with CA500 and diluted with water, before being sprayed on with pneumatic or airmix guns in quantities of between 80 and 130 g/m2 for up to a maximum of two coats.

Moreover, using SUPERFEEL and SUPERCARE for interior furnishings makes it possible to limit the amount of solvent emissions released into the atmosphere. This enables the two solutions to fall well within the limits set by the European VOC Directive on the emission of Volatile Organic Solvents (VOSs). Innovative products such as SUPERFEEL and SUPERCARE are concrete examples of ICA Group’s consolidated commitment to developing solutions that reduce emissions and environmental impact to a minimum -– this explains why water-based coating products are the focus of so much ongoing research by the company. The company objective is to produce innovative, high-quality coatings that do not compromise the health of users or the environments where the products are applied.

ICA’s research in this field was presented to the European Commission as one of the leading practical examples of the LIFE (l’Instrument Financier pour l’Environnement) program, an initiative launched for the purpose of giving financial incentives to organizations engaged in “sustainable long-term development”. The central objectives of the LIFE program are the control and reduction of pollution in its various forms through ‘clean’ technologies. ICA’s was the only project in the coating products sector to receive an award: the products developed by ICA were shown to work effectively towards a reduction in atmospheric emissions of Volatile Organic Solvents (VOSs). ICA Group’s products, which are intended for use by professional users, are sold all over the world. ICA’s highly specialized distributors cater to the requirements of the various industry sectors in which wood coatings are used (from interior design and carpentry to outdoor structures, frames, garden furniture, parquet flooring and musical instruments).

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