Responding to a steadily increasing demand for in-depth knowledge on construction polymers and their versatile applications, WACKER POLYMERS has developed a concept of international training centers called “VINNAPAS® ACADEMY”.

Responding to a steadily increasing demand for in-depth knowledge on construction polymers and their versatile applications, WACKER POLYMERS has developed a concept of international training centers called “VINNAPAS® ACADEMY”. The idea: Establishing an interactive knowledge platform for construction engineers from all over the world to meet, exchange notes and further develop their competence.

In 1957, the first binding agents as a powder dispersible in water made their debut, created and manufactured by Wacker Chemie in Germany. Today, these dispersible polymer powders are indispensable in numerous applications across the global construction market.

A Competence Center

The fact that WACKER, as the inventor of polymer powders, has a key understanding of the market and technology behind the product led to the idea of creating a competence center for construction-related know-how: the VINNAPAS ACADEMY, named after the successful polymer powder trademark. These centers now offer a unique platform for advanced training courses and sectoral networking between customers, sales partners and WACKER experts.

The seminar program is oriented to the specific needs of the construction chemicals industry and illustrated with typical market challenges. The training sessions cover the essential fundamentals of polymer chemistry, different raw materials, formulation expertise, and insights into the successful development of products and applications. The focal point of the training center is its applications laboratory, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Here, the theory conveyed in lectures is deepened through practical exercises, and the participants are able to gain hands-on experience under realistic professional conditions, for instance how to install insulation systems correctly and how to carry out the comprehensive tests. Courses in business administration, intercultural cooperation and the productive use of e-business tools round out the program.

The facility is located within WACKER’s factory grounds in Burghausen (Germany). Because applications labs and production facilities are close by, there is a lively exchange of views, and participants have a chance to tour the site. Additionally, collaboration with in-house labs and research facilities, as well as with universities and institutes, ensures that seminars always reflect the latest scientific findings.

This first VINNAPAS ACADEMY training center was founded in early 2006 – initially to offer employees advanced training courses. Rising demand led to opening the Burghausen training facility to customers and partners in January 2007. And the concept hit the mark. Due to the increasing number of training inquiries, an independent training center was established in September 2007 in Beijing for the Chinese market.

The Beijing VINNAPAS ACADEMY is located on WACKER’s technical center grounds in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. Here as well, collaborations with universities and institutes aim to guarantee that the seminars are at the cutting edge of science.

The worldwide construction boom is driving demand for sophisticated specialty products, high-tech applications and a broad knowledge of construction chemicals. WACKER’s 50 years of experience with polymer binders and broad expertise gained in practical applications add up to a huge competitive edge – and these technical centers offer an opportunity to share this know-how within a new framework.

VINNAPAS Polymer Powders and Dispersions

VINNAPAS dispersible polymer powders and dispersions are thermoplastic, plasticizer-free polymers derived primarily from vinyl acetate and ethylene. In 1957, WACKER chemists first succeeded in industrially manufacturing the first powder binder as an additive for dry-mix mortars. That same year, the first spray dryer for dispersible polymer powders started operations. WACKER POLYMERS is now a global market and technology leader in vinyl acetate-based copolymers and terpolymers – marketed worldwide under the VINNAPAS brand.

VINNAPAS polymer powders and dispersions are used in diverse building applications such as exterior insulation and finish systems, tile adhesives, screeds, self-leveling flooring compounds, plasters, repair mortars, grouts and cementitious sealing slurries. They enhance important end-product properties, such as adhesion, cohesion, flexibility and flexural strength. Water retention, processing properties and weatherability also benefit from VINNAPAS.

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