AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Avantium, a technology company specializing in advanced high-throughput R&D for applications in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, has introduced a novel technology to measure corrosion. The technology has broad potential in the oil and chemical industry, where corrosive effects of crude oil, oil fractions and chemicals can have devastating effects on pipelines, refineries and chemical plants. Avantium’s technology is used to assess the corrosive properties of fluids on metal and provides valuable insights that will help to minimize the damaging effects of corrosion.
Based upon its proprietary Nanoflow technology, Avantium has developed a new tool, which allows the quantitative analysis of corrosion of liquids on metals. The most distinctive feature of Avantium’s corrosion measurement equipment is that it combines the use of a short residence time of the liquid at elevated temperatures with a closed-loop system.
The main advantages of Avantium’s technology, in comparison with the standard batch-coupon methodology, are that smaller quantities of liquids are needed and that degradation of corrosive species, such as organic acids, at elevated temperature is decreased. In addition, the metal is continuously in contact with fresh feed and the evaluation can be conducted in a parallel fashion, which has a significant positive effect on productivity.
Avantium has made the technology available to customers interested in analyzing the corrosivity of their feeds or assessing the corrosion behavior of metals, coatings or other materials. Avantium’s customers can access this novel technology by outsourcing projects to Avantium or by purchasing a parallel corrosion assessment system.