A leading military aircraft manufacturer wanted to standardize its spray guns and use one gun for all coatings. They wanted to use the latest technology to assure maximum painter performance and finish quality within tight government specs. They chose the DeVilbiss Compact Performance Series spray guns.

The plant assembles parts from a variety of small companies. The finish line operates on demand seven days per week. All parts come in already primed. On the finish line, painters touch up the primer and then apply specialty government coatings. Painters coat “all nooks and crannies and pieces and parts.” The end result is a complete outer shell.


This company likes its painters to use the latest technology and chose Compact because of its 14.6 oz weight, curved handle design, increased finger space, and operator-friendly trigger design. Compact allows painters to maneuver more easily to spray all components of the plane.

Efficiency and Environmental Compliance

Military aircraft manufacturers fully comply with strict NESHAP environmental regulations. Compact spray guns are built to handle all types of solvent and waterborne materials and allow this military aircraft manufacturer to maintain compliance with both HVLP and Trans-Tech models. In this facility, if a coating is unable to meet specs using HVLP technology, painters have the latitude to use other technology. The Compact Trans-Tech model uses less air, which saves time and money and is preferred over conventional technology when HVLP is not compatible with coatings.

In the final analysis, the  DeVilbiss Compact Performance Series spray gun family saves this military aircraft manufacturer time and money when it comes to applying specialty government coatings in a rigorous environment. Finishers can meet specs on demand and on budget.