ROLLA, MO – The Coatings Institute of the Missouri University of Science and Technology is offering a short course, Introduction to Paint Formulation, from May 18-22, 2009. The course approaches formulation from a PVC point of view, relating scientific principles to the paint’s formulation and performance. A lecture and lab-oriented course, the lab portion has been modified to add two new resin system choices: waterborne alkyds and UV-cure systems.
The UV-cure system utilizes acrylate monomers and radical UV-curing agents to produce coatings ranging from soft and flexible to hard and abrasion resistant. The waterborne alkyd addresses the need for better penetration in architectural and maintenance coatings.
These two new systems are in addition to the existing selection, which includes latex, water-reducible bake, polyester bake, waterborne urethane, waterborne epoxy and solventborne alkyd.
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