BASEL, Switzerland - A new expert services seminar from Ciba, Introduction to Stabilization of Plastics, Polymers and Special Effect Additives, will be held May 19, 2009, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.
Ciba Expert Services has extensive experience in the development of stabilization systems for plastics, which it will share with participants of the seminar.
The seminar offers an insight into the stabilization of plastics and presents practical solutions to manage degradation. Heat and light are two of the main contributors to decreased lifetime of polymers. Participants will learn about degradation mechanisms and the means of stabilization to counteract them. An overview of plastic materials and their transformation products will also be covered as a topic. The next generation of special effect additives gives an insight into what is possible with polymer additives today. Finally, in-polymer analysis of additives will be discussed.
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