LODI, NJ - According to the consulting firm Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney, coating biocide consumption in Asia was some 30 million pounds, as supplied, worth $174 million in 2008. Growth, led by China and India, is placed at 9 percent per year through 2013. In-can preservatives and dry-film fungicide consumption was some 23 million pounds, worth $97 million, and is growing 9 percent per year. Over 90 percent of these biocides are consumed in water-based architectural paints. Growth in architectural paints will be down significantly in 2009 due to the slumping economies in the region.
Marine fungicide consumption in Asia, excluding cuprous oxide, was just over 7 million pounds worth, $77 million in 2008; an 8 percent annual rate of growth is forecast. Shipbuilding and repair activity is forecast to remain strong over the next couple of years, but the recent drop-off in global ship orders will cause marine biocide growth to slow in the latter part of the five-year forecast. The long-term outlook is dependant on the recovery of world trade.
China is the largest consumer of biocides in Asia taking 35 percent of the dollars. Japan and South Korea are next and have mature growth forecasts. India captures some 10 percent of the biocide dollars and is the fastest-growing consumer in the region.
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