Curing of UV wood coatings using Phoseon's SLM™ UV-curing technology has significant process and environmental advantages.

Curing of UV wood coatings using Phoseon's SLM™ UV-curing technology based on UV-LED and coatings technology from Tikkurila Coatings Oy has significant process and environmental advantages.

LIGNA is the world's leading trade exhibition for the wood products industry, and the 2009 event was held in Hannover, Germany. The LIGNA exhibit and the associated new technology symposium focused on "making more out of wood – technology for resource efficiency" and many of the exhibitors and presenters focused on resource efficiency issues.

Robert Bürkle GmbH of Germany showed it's UV-LED drying demonstration, which was produced in cooperation with the industrial coatings group of Tikkurila Oy of Finland and Phoseon Technology on the use of UV-LED drying technology for the curing of basecoats and topcoats onto roller-coated wood components such as doors and furniture pieces.

The UV-LED drying solution was awarded two certificates – one was a special award for best demonstration of "resource efficiency" and the other was a second–place award for "outstanding new technology".

The UV-LED drying technology is designed using Phoseon's Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM™) technology, which combines a dense array of light-emitting semiconductor devices (UV-LED), with high-tech micro optics and micro cooling in a cost-effective MOEMS (micro opto electro-mechanical system) package. SLM™ Technology offers important advantages to the coatings market, including significantly reduced energy consumption, very low amounts of heat at the work surface, and very long lifetimes. These advantages, and others, are all available at comparable cost of ownership to existing solutions.

In addition to a line of standard UV-LED-based curing products, Phoseon also offers a wide variety of custom OEM or private-label solutions based on specific project requirements. Phoseon can customize their products into a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse UV curing applications.