SAO PAULO, Brazil - Lewis E. Manring will speak on innovation and technology in coatings at Abrafati 2009. Internationally acknowledged as one of the main experts in paint research and technology, Manring will be one of the highlights of the conference.
DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies Technology Vice President, Manring will be responsible for one of the plenary sessions of the 11th International Coatings Congress. Following the central theme of the event, Manring will talk about the coatings of the future. He will explain how current scientific advances will influence coatings and will help meet the demands of consumers for increasingly better and more sustainable solutions.
“Advancements in coatings have accelerated in the last 200 years, even more in the last few decades. I believe that not only will coatings advancements continue to accelerated, but there are critical societal needs for it to occur. My presentation will focus on current advancements in coatings science (renewable raw materials, nanomaterials, global warming and global sustainability) that will drive and are driving coatings advancements,” Manring said.