ESSEN, Germany - Maximum flexibility when it comes to plastics coloring is what Evonik will be demonstrating at the Fakuma International Tradefair for Plastics Processing due to be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 13-17. Visitors to Evonik’s exhibition booth will each receive a small gift, something practical made of plastic. Each of these gift items will come in a color individually selected by the visitor only minutes earlier and applied using POLYTREND® liquid colors in conjunction with the electric JSW injection-molding machine distributed by Evonik’s cooperation partner Windsor. This will give plastics processors a live demonstration of just how quick and simple it is to use the POLYTREND system to blend their own colors and then work them into plastics.
Evonik will be showcasing two different coloring systems at the Fakuma. POLYTREND Color Infusion combines specially developed liquid system colors and a specifically developed, automated precision-mixing station. It allows plastics processors to create, on their own, exactly the color they need and in the quantity desired, with zero prerunning time.
POLYTREND Color Infusion Plus, on the other hand, represents the logical extension of the first system. It allows the desired color to be mixed and fed directly into the processing machine. POLYTREND Color Infusion Plus makes it easy to adjust color settings during production and to switch colors more quickly than is possible using conventional systems.
Evonik’s booth, number 4117, will appear in Hall 4a of the exhibition.