PATERSON, NJ - JNS Supply LLC and the Smithchem & Young Division of Lansco Colors LLC have merged to form the new distribution company, JNS SmithChem LLC. The sales and administrative offices and warehouse of the new company will be located in Paterson, NJ. Darren Jachts will serve as CEO, Michael Smith and Alan Newfield as Co-Presidents and Robert Whiteley as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
The new company will represent over 30 different raw material manufacturers as well as Jachts-Columbian, which offers industrial packaging. The Paterson facilities include state-of-the-art offices and a 100,000-square-foot, company-dedicated warehouse. There is a fleet of company vehicles to provide local delivery of the packaging products and raw materials.
JNS SmithChem LLC is now a distributor of specialty chemicals, additives and packaging to the paint, ink, plastics, rubber, compounding, adhesives and sealants, building products, textile, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other related industries. For more information, visit