PATERSON, NJ – JNS-SmithChem LLC, a full-service distributor of specialty chemicals and raw materials, announced the acquisition of Gulf Coast Chemical (GCC), based in Tampa, Florida. JNS-SmithChem reports that the acquisition will strengthen the company’s scope and sales coverage, bringing complementary product lines and shared resources to the entire JNS-Smithchem footprint.

The addition of GCC will build on the JNS-SmithChem acquisition of CheMarCo Inc. in 2021. GCC is strong in CASE (coatings, adhesives and sealants), composites, building products and a range of industries, providing synergy to further strengthen these core markets for JNS-SmithChem. 

“We welcome Gulf Coast Chemical to the JNS-SmithChem team to further strengthen our market presence and sales coverage,” said Darren Jachts, CEO, JNS-Smithchem. “We look forward to leveraging each company’s established presence, while maintaining our commitment to service, supply, quality and price only offered by a regional distributor.”  

“We’re excited to be a part of the JNS-SmithChem team and confident this new relationship will be a major benefit to our existing and future customers,” said Keith Walter, CEO of GCC. “Combining GCC with the strengths and resources of JNS-SmithChem will enable us to significantly enhance value to our suppliers and customers while providing the same exceptional customer support they have depended on for the past 65 years.”

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