LOUISVILLE, KY - American Powder Coatings Inc. (APC) and Kelley Technical Coatings (KTC) have formed a partnership. Kelley Tech will sell and market APC powder in an exclusive territory to include parts of Ohio, Illinois and Indiana and the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.
“For some time now APC has been seeking a strategic alliance with a coatings company to represent our full sales effort in the Midwest and South,” said Brett Suvagia, V.P. of American Powder Coatings. “Forming this very important alliance with Kelley Tech provides immediate sales coverage through technical sales representatives with broad and successful experience in all aspects of powder coatings. The companies have many synergies, and we will be able to hit the road running.”
The APC/KTC will provide customers a cost-effective solution, with APC offering competitive pricing and KTC offering aggressive selling in a territory that is already being actively covered in KTC’s liquid initiatives. The relationship will help customers reduce material costs, improve quality and shorten lead times on special jobs.
APC serves most powder coating markets and industries and operates from a powder manufacturing facility in Saint Charles, IL.
Kelley Technical Coatings serves a broad array of customers through its two divisions, both located in Louisville, KY.