HOUSTON – International Paint LLC has announced that the Devoe High Performance Coatings research and development laboratory located in Strongsville, OH, has been fully vetted to meet all International Paint Protective Coatings worldwide technical standards.
According to Strategic Integration Project Manager Tanuj Agarwal, “A thorough analysis of the Strongsville laboratory was conducted in June to assess the lab’s technological capabilities, operational and administrative processes. Aligning the laboratory with International Paint’s worldwide technical standards will ensure that lab procedures, methods of testing and reporting processes are consistent with all labs globally.”
Alignment of the Strongsville laboratory follows a strategic decision in January 2009 by parent company, AkzoNobel, to integrate Devoe High Performance Coatings with its International Paint Protective Coatings Americas business in order to deliver a comprehensive protective coatings offering to customers in the power, chemical, oil and gas, commercial, bridge, and water/wastewater market segments throughout North America. The Strongsville laboratory is one of three protective coatings laboratories in the United States, including Houston, TX, and Berea, OH.