ESSEN, Germany - Evonik's Colorants Product Line is responding to customer demands for a shorter time to market with a million-euro investment in high-throughput experimentation (HTE) technology. This highly automated experimentation setup, located at the company’s Maastricht, the Netherlands, facility, will serve the company’s global colorant business; it will increase the quality of results as well as reduce the development time for colorant design.
“HTE reduces our time to market to a minimum, enabling maximum flexibility and rapid handling of lab work,” said Matthias Creutz, Head of Evonik's Colorants business. “Research has shown that a critical success factor for colorants customers is the time interval between the screening of a new colorant and its market launch. By investing in HTE, we will set a new global standard in the colorant development process, thus providing our customers a clear advantage over their competitors.” Apart from greater flexibility and quicker results, HTE technology offers the additional advantage of further improvements in product quality.
Evonik's Colorants Product Line uses the same standardized procedures throughout its R&D facilities, located in the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, China and Brazil. Managed by a team of technical experts, the Colorants Product Line is able to deliver high-quality, consistent results direct to customers at local levels. “Our global networking of technical work will be even more efficient due to the systematic pooling of our formulation and development results that HTE enables,” said Creutz.