CLEVELAND – Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc., a subsidiary of The Lubrizol Corp., has announced new additions to the team that supports its West Coast paint, coatings and adhesives customers.
Melinda K. Forbes and Ted Garrett were recently appointed to handle polymer and additive material needs. Both are from the J.F. Shelton Co., one of Lubrizol’s West Coast distributors. The team is led by Bob Valentin, Lubrizol Sales and Commercial Support Representative, and Kevin Quinn, Lubrizol Technical Support Representative. Together, Valentin and Quinn coordinate the efforts of the J.F. Shelton Co. and a second distributor, Dorsett & Jackson.
With more than 35 years of experience, J.F. Shelton serves as a distributor for resins in California, Arizona and Nevada. The company also acts as an agent for additives in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Dorsett & Jackson distributes Lubrizol’s resins in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.
Bob Valentin, Sales Manager, Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc., and Kevin J. Quinn, Technical Market Manager, Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc., will serve customers in all locations. Melinda K. Forbes, J.F. Shelton, will serve customers in California for both resins and additives. Serving customers in Washington and Idaho for additives will be Brad Campbell, J.F. Shelton. Dan Kiefel, J.F. Shelton, will serve additives customers in Oregon. Bev Spears, Dorsett & Jackson, will serve resins customers in Washington and Idaho. Bill Tuor, Dorsett & Jackson, will serve resins customers in Oregon, and Ted Garrett, J.F. Shelton, will serve resins customers in Arizona and Nevada.