BERLIN - The detailed conference program of the European Coatings Conference dedicated to furniture coatings has just been published. The conference, “Furniture Coatings,” takes place in Berlin, Germany, on March 2-3, 2010.
Contrary to many other industry segments, the furniture coatings market is still dominated by solvent-based materials. Health and safety regulations imposed by the European Union have led to strong research and development activities, aiming at zero- or low-VOC materials. One of the challenges for furniture coatings is to offer high-gloss and water-based solutions at the same time, combining aesthetics with environmental requirements.
Mechanical and chemical resistance as well as UV and heat protection are further characteristics of furniture coatings that need to be taken into account. Additives such as light stabilizers and UV absorbers can improve the performance of the coatings significantly.
The European Coatings Conference, “Furniture Coatings,” will provide attendees with an update on current trends for furniture coatings. International experts will present their findings on raw materials, formulations and applications.
The conference addresses R&D managers of coatings raw materials producers, coatings formulators and end users across Europe and beyond.
On the first day of the conference, an additional pre-conference tutorial, “Basics of Furniture Coatings,” will introduce participants to the basic materials and concepts that are at work in modern furniture coating systems.
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