OXFORD, UK - Paint and coatings researchers seeking better use of the processing power of multicore computer systems, in addition to an easy way to migrate existing applications to multi-processor architectures, can now download the new NAG Library for SMP and Multicore from Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG).
Mathematical and statistical algorithms optimized for performance on multicore architectures have become key to progress in research of polymers, coatings, paints, inks, adhesives and especially nanobased materials.
The NAG Library for SMP and Multicore contains over 1600 routines, including over 100 new routines for this release. A complete listing of these routines can be found at www.nag.com/numeric/fl/FSdescription.asp.
With origins in several UK universities, the Numerical Algorithms Group is an Oxford, UK-headquartered, not-for-profit numerical software development organization that collaborates with world-leading researchers and practitioners in academia and industry.