SANDEFJORD, Norway – Jotun Paints has partnered with the Friends of Children with Cancer (FOCC), an Egyptian NGO, to support the treatment of cancer-afflicted children in Egypt. Driven by its belief in the power of colors to bring smiles to people, Jotun Paints will paint the first phase of FOCC’s project, the Health and Hope Oasis, a nutritional and recreational center located in Wadi Al-Natrun at the Beheira Governorate. The facility serves children with cancer who are undergoing treatment.

The Health and Hope Oasis offers children with cancer the opportunity to escape the confines of the hospital and be in a healthy and nurturing environment where they can receive nutritional support critical for a successful recovery and cure. Jotun Paints will provide the paint on the project’s first phase, which includes 64 accommodation units for children and their families, kitchen facilities, a multipurpose activity center and staff housing. Interior and exterior paints for the project have already been delivered by Jotun.

Photo courtesy of the Health and Hope Oasis Project in Wadi Al-Natrun, Egypt.