King Industries, Stand 8-519, is introducing a series of new urethane catalysts that provide an environmentally friendly alternate to tin and mercury catalysts while offering performance advantages. Products in the new line include:

K-KAT®XK-614, an environmentally friendly alternative to tin catalysts for coating applications, offering improved stability in the polyol component of WB 2K PU systems and better selectivity for the polyol reaction versus the water reaction with isocyanates;

K-KAT XK-620, an effective alternative to DBTO catalysts for cathodic e-coat systems that is a liquid product for easy incorporation in the principal emulsion and provides equivalent cure response to DBTO at lower use levels, and;

K-KATXK-604, XK-617 and XK-618 environmentally friendly alternatives to mercury catalysts that can be used at much lower levels than mercury and provide similar gel profiles.

Additionally, King is introducing two new K-FLEX Polyester Polyols modifying resins. K-FLEX XM-332 has an ultra-low viscosity and is designed to offer increased film flexibility while reducing VOCs in solvent-based systems. K-FLEX XM-337 is at the opposite end of the spectrum and has a high viscosity while offering very hard films.