A variety of companies share their color trend forecasts.

Paint Quality Institute: Affordable Remodeling Drives Paint Color Direction

Individual style, mixed with budget-conscious decorating, will drive 2011 paint color trends, according to Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute.

“There’s no escaping the state of the economy, even for homeowners who want to beautify their homes,” says Zimmer. “Rather than diving into large-scale renovation projects, in the coming year, consumers will search for inexpensive ways to freshen and update their homes. Many will conclude that painting is the perfect solution.”

By incorporating a few new paint colors, either as accent walls or throughout a room, consumers will be able to enhance their living spaces economically with paint, she says.

Zimmer shares three likely color directions for 2011:
Back to Basics
According to Zimmer, “Neutrals provide versatility and allow homeowners to quickly change the look of a room just by adding a few new accessories, without spending time and money to remodel or repaint again. This is the ultimate in practical remodeling, and the time is ripe for it.”

Warm whites, tawny tans, “barely-there” coral, and green are some of the colors that will find their way into countless kitchens, bedrooms, and baths, she predicts.

“Well Worn” Hues
Like a pair of favorite jeans, blue will grow in popularity as not just a wall color but also as a ceiling choice. “Well Worn Hues” are represented by blues across the spectrum, from denim dark to blue-grey.

“Since most blues tend to be calming colors, this hue helps to create a perfect retreat from many of life's stresses,” says Zimmer. “As a secondary or complementary hue, yellow or yellow-green adds a bit of ‘spunk’ when used in family spaces,” she says.

Well Worn Hues are useful for any room in the house.

Shimmer and Shine
For thrifty consumers looking for a bit of sparkle, higher paint sheens and metallic finishes are on the radar for 2011. Don’t be surprised to see spaces such as hallways and living areas painted in a very glossy hue, from top to bottom. Zimmer adds, “More gloss means more reflectivity which means more light. Gloss can subtly create a brighter, more upbeat mood in a home, but at the same time, it adds style and pizzazz.”

Dining rooms and master bed and bath spaces are the perfect areas for this sophisticated choice. Coupled with the “high shine” trend, gold will return as both an in-demand paint hue and as a key metallic choice.

Zimmer concludes, “Paint color is a homeowner’s best decorating tool. You can change the appearance, the perception of size and even the perception of temperature, through the simple use of paint color.”

For more information on color and decorating or to download PQI’s free app, visit www.paintquality.com.

CIL Paints Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Cheerful Colours

The forecast for 2011 is sunny. Sunny yellow, that is, says leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints in announcing its top colours for the year.

According to CIL, the hottest colour of 2011 is a light, citrus yellow, symbolizing a sense of fun, freedom and positive energy. Think lemonade, fizzy sherbet and lemon-lime chiffon – a dramatic move away from the banana yellow that was popular last year.

“The new yellow is associated with warmth and sunshine,” says Martin Tustin-Fuchs, Marketing Manager for CIL Paints, citing CIL’s Lime Twist (89YY 78/269) yellow as the brand’s 2011 colour of the year. “It’s a very optimistic, cheerful and refreshing colour, sending a clear message that, as a society, we’re done with tough times and look forward to brighter days ahead.”

In the coming year, we’ll see airy light yellow in all facets of home décor, from walls and furniture to accessories, Tustin-Fuchs says. CIL recommends adding a touch of citrus yellow to any room, even dark interiors, to liven up the space. Pairing well with the new yellows are denim and turquoise blues, earthy browns, berry violets or airy pastels.

This year’s sunny forecast extends beyond the yellow family as fresh, cheerful colours dominate the entire 2011 palette, says Tustin-Fuchs. Each of the colour families emanates a feeling of optimism, with more brilliant colours taking centre stage across the board.

For example:

Blues:Evolving from last year’s stylish pale blue, this year’s blues are brave, bold and bright. Turquoise, teal, ultramarines and denims are now all the rage, partnering nicely with clay-toned neutrals, deep violets, greys and bright greens. CIL’s hot blue for 2011 is Peacock’s Plume (16BG 24/357).

Greens: Vibrant, almost electrical, botanical shades are taking the spotlight in the green colour family. The new emerald blue-like tones – such as CIL’s Fairy Tale Green (10GG 33/404) – are energizing, capturing our simultaneous love for the environment and appreciation for all things technological. Leafy greens blend particularly well with yellow-toned greens and rich plums.

Oranges:Corals and warm tans are making a comeback, inspired by the homey, natural feel-good tones of clay and wood. Conjuring up images of colourful, wholesome fruits and vegetables, the new earthy oranges – highlighted by CIL’s Apricot Ice (48YR 50/372) – are vibrant yet liveable. Crisp oranges are most trendy when combined with charcoal and cardboard brown.

Warm neutrals: In contrast to last year’s heavy, earthy brown, the 2011 warm neutrals are softer, more subtle and sophisticated. Shades like putty, ash taupe and mocha – such as CIL’s Hiking Trail (60YR 33/047) – dominate this colour grouping, tinged with green and yellow undercurrents. Try warm neutrals with coral oranges, or blues and teals, for a stylish look.

Cool neutrals:Light, airy and ultra-pale cool neutrals, like CIL’s Crystal Glimmer (70BB 83/020) have replaced the previously fashionable bold, graphite greys. Reminiscent of stone and concrete, current cool neutrals are dominated by feather grey tones infused with a hint of blue, delivering a fresher, happier image.

  “From brighter mid-tones and zingy pastels, to authentic earth tones and deep shades mixed with both bright and light colours, everything about the 2011 colours is energetic and uplifting,” says Tustin-Fuchs. “As the public’s optimism about the future continues to grow, so will the variety of happier colours people choose to surround themselves with.”

For more information, visit www.cil.ca

Sico 2011-2012 Paint Colour Trends

If you’re searching for the simple pleasures in life, surround yourself with heart-warming colours. They won’t be hard to find, as the year ahead in home decor will be all about using colours that celebrate the simplicity and beauty of everyday living, says leading Canadian paint brand Sico.

From timeless denim blues and earthy clay and wood tones, to leafy greens, strawberry reds, sunny yellows and airy pastels, the 2011-2012 paint palette is dominated by warm, homey and comforting colours – a reflection of the public mood, says Dominique Pépin, Marketing Manager for Sico and a Chairholder of the international colour forecaster Color Marketing Group.

“In a society of endless choices where we ‘have it all,’ people are increasingly longing to return back to basics, to a simpler life, and this is being reflected in the colours they are choosing to surround themselves with,” says Pépin. “As a result, in the coming year, we’ll see a move away from the once-popular opulent dark tones towards colours that are charming, human and have more nature and nurturing qualities than in the past.”

It’s about finding pleasure in things close to our hearts, in all items handmade – like knitting a sweater, making bread, growing seeds or creating music – and in emotions tied to the home and lifestyle rather than state-of-the-art fashion, she explains. “Gone are the days when happiness was measured purely by material gain – people today want less of the complexity associated with the modern world and yearn for simple concepts and products that have meaning, imagination and emotion.”

According to research conducted by Sico’s international team of colour experts, the 2011-2012 palette will be divided into three themes, each reflecting this prevailing mood and attitude in society. “While each theme is different, at the same time they are similar in that they each demonstrate a longing to return to simpler times as well as an appreciation for the world around us,” Pépin explains, introducing the three groupings as Inviting, Authentic and Dazzling.

Inviting:Emitting a homey and comforting feel, this theme represents the growing population that values the beauty, contentment and simplicity of everyday life in a world where choices and possibilities are endless. Colours reminiscent of the familiar things that make us happy dominate this grouping – including clear skies, such as Sico’s Lunar Month (6009-21) blue, juicy fruits like Red Jujube (6051-65) strawberry and Violet Caprice (6013-53) mauve, and sunny fields such as White Lemon (6100-32) yellow – as do warm, nurturing shades of coral, moss green and lavenders. Back to basics as opposed to ultra-fashionable, the hues of this palette reflect a desire to return to a more relaxed, meaningful and informal style of living, and cherish the home as the place where we can truly be ourselves.

Authentic:This theme celebrates the timeless beauty of the natural world and delivers a sense of peace and contentment. In a society that is increasingly becoming more automated, this grouping of colours demonstrates a growing appreciation among the public for the earth, its materials and creativity. Highlighted by timber, clay, earth and denim tones and enlivened by a dash of inspiring yellow, the authentic palette builds on the notion that “less is more,” and that the process and pride of creating something of quality is just as pleasurable as the end result. Popular Sico colours in this group include Seashore Pebble (6230-31) sand, Avocado Soufflé (6104-21) cream, Galley (6171-41) blue, Cloak (6232-83) brown and Apple Cider Vinegar (6097-32) yellow. Used on their own or easily paired together, these enduring shades are intended to deliver a relaxed, harmonious and pleasing feel to treasure in the home.

Dazzling:The most energetic expression of simplicity is featured in this fun and imaginative group of colours. Think clean pastels and zingy tints, such as Sico’s Red Candy (6051-52) hot pink, Lemon Tart (6098-42) brilliant yellow, Pastis (6121-42) lime green and Splashdown (6150-42) turquoise. Ideally applied on a backdrop of neutrals – as a colour block or accent wall – each of these colours exudes an air of freshness and vitality, verging on fantasy. Charming, fun and slightly childlike, this palette is refreshingly simple, yet brings back a sense of poetry and pleasure into our lives and a smile to our faces. Unexpected colour combinations – like lime green and cocoa accents on a yellow background or turquoise and bubble gum pink used to liven up neutral walls – will increasingly be in style.

According to Sico, colour zoning – or using punch colours to accent walls and map out areas – is another trend that will make a major comeback in the year ahead, helping to bring out the best of the 2011-2012 colours.

“Everything about next year’s colours is charming, soft and inviting,” Pépin says. “Delivering a breath of fresh air to the home, the new palette combines a lightness of spirit with a gentle informality in a way that brings meaning back into our lives.”

For more information about Sico’s colour trends for 2011-2012, visit www.sico.ca.