CINCINNATI - The Electrocoat Association met for a strategic planning session in Lima, OH, on November 30 and December 1, 2010. During the two-day session, the association’s Board of Directors built on the founding values and directives initially designed for the organization, setting a course for the future with new vision and mission statements. As part of the strategic assessment, the Board measured the industry through a timeline of events and trends reviewing the past, looking at the present environment and projecting into the future. The group evaluated opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses, and performed a stakeholder analysis to determine interests and influences of those involved with the organization.

Out of these activities, came the development of new vision and mission statements backed by strategic initiatives that will get priority attention. The association will still provide most of the products and services as in the past, but will align them with current technology and provide new offerings as needed.

The six top initiatives for the next one-to-three years are: to assess technological needs and procure necessary tools to achieve the association’s vision and mission statements; to globalize the Web site and expand the audience the association reaches; to implement social networking tools to encourage the sharing of information among membership and the electrocoating community; to incorporate online technology (webinars, live meetings, etc.) into educational and promotional offerings; to communicate the value of membership to members and those interested in the electrocoating industry; and to develop and strengthen alliances that can benefit membership and the electrocoating industry.

“We are moving forward into the future and have a renewed commitment to our members to provide products and services that will improve their business,” said Executive Director Karen McGlothlin. “We welcome any member suggestions, contributions or volunteers to support these tasks.”