WEST CHESTER, OH - Schlenk Metallic Pigments, a manufacturer of metal powders, pigments and pastes, has been named a technology partner by Color-Logic.

Announcing the supply partnership, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves commented, “Color-Logic has worked with Schlenk Metallic Pigments to develop a superior metallic silver UV flexographic ink that is ideal for use with the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System. Sold under the Color-Logic label, this proprietary UV flexographic ink ensures flexographic printers that their presses will produce the superb metallic special effects for which Color-Logic has become known. Schlenk Metallic Pigments thus becomes the first Color-Logic technology partner producing qualified Color-Logic UV flexographic inks. Licensed Color-Logic flexographic printers can obtain these specialized inks made by Schlenk through their current ink supplier.