PINNEBERG, Germany – The Chinese economy continues to grow, and the ROWA GROUP has long been monitoring this boom. ROWA Lack GmbH in particular has enjoyed success on the Chinese market for over 10 years with lacquer systems for coated textiles. This was formerly done via a cooperative agreement with a Chinese trade representative. In response to the steady growth of the Chinese business, and to improve customer support there, the ROWA GROUP has now set up an official subsidiary in China, ROWA Coatings. Plans call for ROWA Coatings to begin operations in the second quarter of 2011.

Headquartered in Beijing, ROWA Coatings’ function initially will be to grow the business of ROWA Lack in China and boost the ROWA brand presence. In addition, it will enable ROWA Lack to boost service quality in China. ROWA Coatings will provide even better, more personal and more responsive support of Chinese customers.

The Chinese subsidiary will be led by Helen Li, who has successfully represented the interests of ROWA Lack in China for years. Li’s leadership ensures continuity in the company’s business relationships in Asia.