Publisher's Letter

Back in September we launched the redesign ofIndustrial Paint & Powder, bringing you the most graphically pleasing magazine in the industry. The response from you, the reader, was overwhelming support of our razor-sharp graphics, reader-friendly color-coding and elimination of reader service cards. (You told us if you're interested in purchasing a product from our advertisers you will pick up the phone or go to their Web site and contact them directly.) While we appreciate the numerous compliments...we believe that industry leaders should not be complacent. So how does one improve the magazine considered the driving force of the coatings market? Simple, we hired Rodger Talbert to be the editorial director.

Rodger brings over 25 years of experience in the paint, powder and equipment industries. He is a highly respected and active member of the industry, contributing to our industry in many ways. He will continue to do so as our editorial director, and with his ongoing and successful consulting business. Rodger will be leading the editorial direction for Industrial Paint & Powder with his hand on the pulse of what's happening in our industry. Rodger's experience and knowledge of the paint and powder industry will be used to educate you and improve your businesses. Industry leaders and finishers pay top dollar to benefit from Rodger's experience and knowledge.... Industrial Paint & Powder is now bringing his capabilities and industry respect to you every month, keeping you and your business on the leading edge.

Just as we believe Industrial Paint & Powder should not be complacent, we also feel it is our responsibility to keep our readers from becoming complacent. If Rodger is not enough...please check out some of the editorial advisors to Industrial Paint & Powder next to his first Editor's View. No other magazine is bringing you the executive directors of PCI, CCAI, Electrocoat, IREA and RadTech...Industry leaders in finishing, such as NASA, Boeing, DaimlerChrysler, Steelcase, Trek, and Briggs & Stratton, just to name a few...and they will continue to share their success stories and experiences with the readers of Industrial Paint & Powder.

For years Rodger has and will continue to be the top independent consultant to industry, providing technical advice, troubleshooting, training, design assistance and project management to the coating industry. He provides guidance to companies who are buying systems and advice for improvement of existing systems.

Rodger has been extremely active and will continue to be with numerous industry trade associations.

Chemical Coaters Association (CCAI), President of Board of Directors, Chairman of Education, Technical Director

Powder Coating Institute (PCI) ), Chairman of Application & Recovery Equipment Subcommittee

>Society of Manufacturing Engineers/Association of Finishing Processes (SME) ), Senior Member

Please contact Rodger and welcome him as our editorial director with your well wishes and editorial suggestions: Rodger Talbert, P: 616-949-9640, F: 616-949-9612,

Our goal at Industrial Paint & Powder is to be the best magazine possible. We are proud to have someone of Rodger's experience as part of our team. Please turn the page for his first Editor's View column. We welcome Rodger and know we all feel honored to have someone with his character and respect and we look forward to working with him! Again, I would like to thank you, the reader, for your loyal support of Industrial Paint & Powderover the years and to thank our advertisers. I would like to hear what you think of the changes we have made to Industrial Paint & Powder, and I encourage you to e-mail me at> with your comments. We are here to serve you and make this the best magazine possible. Thanks for your support!