ICA GROUP: New UV coatings for parquet floors are designed take advantage of the opportunities afforded by miniscule particles as small as 20 nanometers (nm) to boost performance and abrasion resistance. The new product line includes a transparent UV filler for grouting machines, a transparent UV filler for prefinished parquet floors and a matte topcoat for parquet floors, all of which can be roller-applied. The company also offers water-based exterior coatings derived from nanotechnology that are designed to provide effective protection from ultraviolet rays. The nanometric dimensions of these filters reportedly make it possible to create a coating film with more evenly distributed filtering power than is provided by traditional UV filters. The nanocompounds also render these products impermeable to water vapor and to water and improve their resistance to blocking. Call 519.768.0732 or visit www.icaspa.com .