Turn and face the strange . . . . These words were immortalized by David Bowie in 1972. At the time, he was in his Ziggy Stardust mode and had just hit the charts in the US and UK. Throughout his career, Bowie has continuously reinvented himself. I found him most remarkable when I caught him as he morphed into a duet partner with the crooner Bing Crosby. They were singing a unique and lovely rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy" for a Christmas television special.

Since his Stardust days, David has undergone extraordinary transformations. His music has often defined the times more than just keeping up with them.

Industrial Paint & Powder (IP&P)magazine has been around since 1924. It, too, has reinvented itself as the industry has undergone changes. The magazine's most recent revamp occurred in 1997 when it altered its format and actually changed its name fromIndustrial Finishing. Dear reader, the time has come once again for a major transformation. To paraphrase Charles Darwin, when faced with a dynamic environment, one has the choice to adapt, migrate or perish.

We here atIP&Phave chosen to adapt. So allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Biller and I'm your new technical editor. I am most fortunate to be teamed with an outstanding professional, Donna Campbell, who is our new publisher and will be steering the ship. She brings with her a wealth of experience from her successful tenure atPaint and Coatings Industry (PCI)magazine.

While Donna brings her excellent publishing skills, I intend to provide the vision for this innovative medium to reach you, our readers. I began my career in the coatings industry in 1978 and have reinvented myself as a technician, chemist, R&D manager, formulator, tech service specialist, salesman, writer, instructor, maintenance supervisor, VP of operations, consultant and business owner.

This magazine is undergoing a comprehensive analysis of every facet of how we get our message to you and service your needs. I wholeheartedly welcome any and all input as to how we can best help you perform your duties most efficiently and effectively...and we hope to entertain you in the process.

I can be reached at, (614) 354-1198 or fax (866) 294-8552. I look forward to bringing you, the finishing professional, information on the latest and most relevant technology to make your business both efficient and profitable.

. . . time may change me, but you can't trace time . . .