The RX Starfire and RX Fireline solid-state UV light sources are designed to address the needs of moving web and moving gantry based systems that require high intensity, linear UV light sources. The RX Starfire system is a high-intensity UV light "bar" with configurable emitting lengths. The system is currently available in standard lengths of 75 mm (2.95"), 150 mm (5.9"), 225 mm (8.86") and 300 mm (11.81") with an emitting width of 20 mm (.79"). The RX Fireline is a larger and higher capacity UV light "bar" available in emitting lengths of 272 mm (10.7") and 544 mm (21.4") with an emitting width of 25 mm (.98"). Both products are based on the company's Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) technology, which integrates thousands of individual semiconductor UV emitters into a mercury-free UV curing system.

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