The British Army's new fleet of Iveco Panther vehicles is being coated by a new paint system developed by Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings (ANAC). The system comprises two ANAC water-based primers - Intergard 10206 and Intergard 10207 - with an Intergard 10212 water-based finish coat, which is both chemical agent resistant and infrared reflective. The new system is approved to British Defence Standards 80-208 and 00-72 and is reportedly the only water-based coating in the world approved to the latest chemical agent decontamination test method. Because it is water-based, the paint also meets current strict guidelines on VOC emissions. The 12-month project to develop the paint system was carried out by ANAC in collaboration with BAE Land Systems of Newcastle, England, and Iveco in Bolzano, Italy, where the first batch of 400 Panther Vehicles is being made. Coating the vehicles in NATO green began in July.

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