RadTech South America and RadTech International North America and have signed a memorandum of understanding to advance the technical and market development of ultraviolet and electron beam technology.

RadTech South America was established in August 2006, to further develop activities and expand the geographic reach of its predecessor, ATBCR-Associação Técnica Brasileira de Cura por Radiação. "For us, the creation of RadTech South America provides identification with our global industry and a connection with our sister group RadTech International North America," says Ana Paula Perroni Laloe, director-president of RadTech South America, Ciba Specialty Chemicals. "This is a significant step for us, as it ensures international cooperation and technical exchange in line with our mission to promote UV and EB; and to disseminate technical information by the continuous integration of people, companies and organizations."

"RadTech South America is fast establishing itself as a fine resource for the advancement of UV and EB technology in the region," says David Harbourne, RadTech president and president of Fusion UV. "We look forward to working with them to promote the economic, environmental and quality benefits of the process to manufacturers. This partnership further confirms not only the expanding worldwide reach of UV/EB technology, but also the multinational nature of suppliers and users."

For more information, call 240.497.1243 or click on the website link below.