Ecosphere Technologies, Inc., a provider of clean air and water technology solutions, has sold two additional units of the Ecosphere Remote Operating Vehicle (E-ROV) coating removal robots under its exclusive distribution agreement with Jian Huang Engineering Pte, Ltd. of Singapore. Under the terms of a five-year distribution agreement, Jian Huang will buy or sell 10 robotic systems for an estimated total price of at least $4.5 million over a two-year period to maintain its exclusive distributorship for Singapore. These systems, scheduled for shipment in May, follow the initial purchase of two systems in 2006.

The E-ROV leverages advanced robotics and patented water-jetting processes to create a closed system that safely removes toxic coatings from some of the world’s major transporters - including cargo ships, airplanes and automobiles. Offering an efficient, safe alternative to chemical, plastic media, grit blasting and other methods used in the coating removal markets, the Ecosphere technology is designed to ensure the containment of toxic materials during routine removal and maintenance.

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