DuPont has agreed to sell its Protective Coatings product lines and related assets to the Sika group, a leading Swiss company supplying specialty chemicals markets. Financial details of the sale, which was expected to be effective by the end of 2006, were not disclosed. The sale is subject to regulatory approval. DuPont Protective Coatings makes products designed to protect concrete, steel and other materials from corrosion, water, fire and environmental forces. In addition to products sold under the brands Permacor®, Unitherm®, Betonol®, Asplit® and Epiter®, Sika will acquire the DuPont manufacturing site at Vaihingen, Germany, where the coatings are made. The deal also includes agreements concerning other assets. Sika will employ approximately 150 DuPont Protective Coatings employees, primarily located at Vaihingen.

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