The Voyager Control System II from NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC is designed to achieve consistent dispersion quality by effectively monitoring the energy input and controlling the process by automatic adjustment. The user simply enters the amount of grinding energy into the system’s enhanced control panel, and the same product quality will then be achieved on a consistent basis.

This automatic control system includes a variety of new features, such as an improved alarm notification system that allows in-house maintenance and NETZSCH service personnel to evaluate possible machine faults. The alarm also quickly clarifies malfunctions, resulting in less diagnostic time. The Allen-Bradley components that now comprise the system support automatic production and reportedly make it much easier to incorporate the equipment into the plant data control system. In addition, the user-programmable parameters are displayed in a scrollable list and can be changed by multiple operators.

Also new to the Voyager Control System II is real-time visualization of graphical interface, more process control, recipe storage, customizable set-up, improved operator displays and significantly reduced wiring.

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