Clearstone Technologies: This manufacturer of advanced LED technology light sources has launched the CF2000 UV-visible LED light source controller power supply. The CF 2000 combines programmable timed exposure, a variable power setting, and independent multiple head control for up to three LED heads, accessible by either front panel manual control or remote interface using a PC USB or RS232 interface.

The CF2000 is capable of driving up to three separate LH series LED heads, which are available at 365 nm, 395 nm and 455 nm, with a maximum power output up to 2.5 W, 5.4 W and 6.9 W, respectively. The CF2000 is also capable of driving a single JL or LN Series LED Head, which support multiple wavelengths in a single head using modular arrays.

According to the company, the remote access interface allows the CF2000 to be integrated easily into automated manufacturing and production processes to allow coordination with dispensing coatings and adhesives, as well as pick and place equipment.

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