EXEL North America: This company has introduced a new line of manual airspray guns, as well as a manual electrostatic powder coating system.

The M22 Vortex manual airspray guns are designed to give the perfect finish on complex shapes when spraying low-viscosity materials. According to the company, the guns are already in the field and have been performing well on a range of materials, including acetone-based stains. The guns are designed to deliver a high transfer efficiency rate of 65%. They feature a new EV3 KHVLP aircap developed for the vortex effect; a balanced design for optimized comfort; and integrated HTI and KHVLP technology.

The Mach-Jet Easy manual electrostatic powder coating system manufactured by SAMES, a division of EXEL North America, consists of the new Mach-Jet Gun, which is driven by dedicated CRN 457 control module and mounted on the Mach-Jet Easy hopper or box feed cart. The system offers simple functions controlled by the gun, easy application of metallic powder, abrasion-resistant nozzles, the ability to achieve an even powder application, a lightweight and easy-to-balance design, a user-friendly control module and high transfer efficiency.

For more information, call 630.231.1900 or visitwww.exel-na.com.