GlasCraft, Inc., has introduced the new Guardian A-Series proportioners - high performance proportioning systems for dispensing urethane foam and adhesives, polyureas and elastomeric coatings. The Guardian variable ratio (VR) proportioner is designed to meter, mix and dispense materials with high precision, repeatable consistency, and long-term reliability. The system features dispensing ratios between 1:1 and 5:1, with infinite adjustment in between these extremes; outputs of up to 45 lbs (22 kg) per minute; up to 3000 psi (207 bar); and heaters from 3000 to 14000 watts. The proportioning pumps on the VR systems can facilitate dialing-in exact volumes of “A” and “B” materials.

The new Guardian A5-Series fixed ratio proportioner is best suited to spray-applied polyurethane foam, which is used for insulation and roofing applications, and the A6-Series is suitable for both spray foam and elastomeric/polyurea coatings applications.

For more information, call 317.875.5592, e-mail or The new technologies will also be on display at the World of Concrete show ( in Las Vegas, in booth S10801.