As part of the continuous effort to inform metal products manufacturers about the benefits and use of coil coated metal, the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) has added four new online tutorials to its library.

A total of twelve tutorials are now available online. New tutorial topics include: “Many Industries Benefit From Prepaint,” “Specialized Coatings,” “Energy & Environmental Benefits of Prepaint,” and “Using Weldable Primers with Prepaint”.

Manufacturers who view these latest tutorials will learn how coil coating can be used across a variety of industries and that coil coating production has recently exceeded the growth rates of both the steel and aluminum industries. The tutorials will also inform viewers about the wide variety of specialized coatings available with prepaint – from antimicrobial and anti-static to fingerprint and graffiti resistant coatings. They’ll also learn how prepaint can save money, time, and headaches with environmental compliance and regulations. Viewers will also learn how prepainted metal can be welded with beautiful results.

The tutorials are also offered as a CD-ROM. For more information about the tutorials and other resources, visitwww.coilcoatinginstitute.orgor call 216.241.7333.